Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kit Kelen #777 - what if there were just one truth?

what if there were just the one truth?

what if there were just one truth
and we were all known to it
like a law all equally applying

what if one had come to tell
and time stood all around this
glowed like a halo

you wouldn't need to mention it
you wouldn't find us here
but nod yes
pride all selves with knowing
and sure as
it was ever thus
and always
be the way

took tablets
for flea in God's ear

will be still
won't you?

catch manna

hatch no questions
but obey

what if meaning were given this world
invisible creatures fluttered
soul stood up to beg

what if you could pinch yourself
put doubt aside
go exegetic chorus
count on all expounded

there wouldn't be
what if
at all
if you could
just believe

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