Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Kit Kelen #774 - giving up religion

giving up religion

caveat emptor
carpe diem

congenital it's been
mono mostly
the ancestors came down with it

poly in the pipe
and pass it round
like billy boys
until hooray

to buggery at least

and blows
dowses out
the ghosts in the fire
(that's bush telly for you)

let's all mock their religious garments
and much good may it do

some kind of peace could come of gloom

look up in the trees and you'll see them
ecto-mists are worthy, gone
like evidence you've eaten
and taken some trouble with
so nineteenth century

put faith in doubt
and still you'll know
a thing or two

that death is after all
not a thing you'll feel
and there'll be no regret

Nietzsche he went mad with it

and all those angels
halo hats
saints for halitosis

there's love
be golden with it
(strip a new world)
a god of that!
nice try

or smiling
on your tangled legs
that would get you wry

the temple girls
are all allure
I love to jangle bangle

it's all of a mind's eye
bend the unwilling

there's yoga in these bones yet
I've seen cats and cows at it

so many ways to come

and gods in everything
that's just common sense

have we an understanding?

we all need rice
you light incense

I like a tutelary spirit
and daemons -- they're quite personal
often run the show

totem, possum
bear this brunt
to brew your superstitions
syncretic's always best

the prophets tend to set alight
and have been known to pillage

what temptation - the eternal
all forgiveness, lotsa love
tread water
lie down with a lion
growl stew
not so many of them
little lamb

get pregant with god
be blameless

or point your head the one way
everyone does and you're one

the oneness is a terrible master
gives you that two-party problem
pepsi and coke
woollies and coles

manna sandwich?
I'll have ambrosia with that

I was in the cave
and I saw that flicker
truth bung again
let's patch it with

you'd never believe
soon leads to faith

must I feather nest?

long since they've given up on me
nothing to give to gild it
temple and spire
I took
the clock and the orchestra

a world grew round
and sometimes spun
my simple head

all green for up
and cloudsworth

gone again
I saw to it
I saw

after the sky's abolished
still religion's there

won't pay its taxes
fucks the young
it really is a problem
this attitude of mine

I hear music for a wedding
and call the creature stirred my heart

and what if there is what there is?
even if you cannot see
though could be finding out

how disappointing this world is
and as I live and breathe

next week I will give up polemics

let me tell you
it was a journey
but I'm in the garden now


  1. on the religion
    it's like a rush hour
    people fume at
    the mess by the roadside
    they look at their polemics
    find they're late for dinner
    or a lecture on tolerance
    god isn't at the wheel

  2. it's the blinkered beast
    grinds god from
    what's fed to the wheel


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