Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kit Kelen #786 - nobody knows the moment we're in

nobody knows the moment we're in

all a hunch at having come
and even if we say 'we're here'
that hardly constitutes a claim
being just because

in a stillness set
and you see what stirs

how is the plumbing in the tree?

the past like a puppy
and we're the stick fetched

calendar winks
over at

music is listening for us here
futures come when we call
someone sings

the weather for us, just for instance
this island twangle

diaries piled in a drawer
years before I was up for it
now blank, not even printed
years beyond me yet

it's gathered scraps by which we guess
must have somehow blown this far

a clock is always calling
radio speaks puzzles

the becoming of us
none of us ever lived for this

one day the drugs give up on you

nobody lives here really
but it's hard to get away

in a stillness set to go
we've come to know
what's next

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