Monday, February 5, 2018

Kit Kelen #765 - the important thing is to forget

the important thing is to forget

night was dreamt around this
then you are anywhere beginning

every day a sun is new
no word ever spoken before

it's anywhere in the journey you join
could be anyone's story

I can't remember why

one watches
and one joins in

can I name the tune now?

that's elsewhere of my
lovely like a hairstyle
this was your favourite brooch

they say
though I can't taste anymore
I do believe in part

my this and that, all gone
no here

my husband like a holiday since
points of view are mine

and need a hat to cover this

yet some things long since known
the rabbits on the lawn

and I was born here
in the cellar

grandfather gave me this place

truth's the new thing every day
else why the paper landed?

I make a blank face
then nobody knows what I want (when, why)

what day?
what time?

let me write it then we'll always know
someone must have thought that
otherwise how

like a holiday since my husband


the bluetongue

that look
and who are you?

I know!

you learn to be here in this world
and then

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