Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kit Kelen #546 - this little box you got me

this little box you got me

I do like the ribbon on top
and the way it's tied

where I can smile and sing along
with the tune assigned

I do appreciate the gift

it's architect designed
with all mod cons
as purchased off the plan

of course I've not seen the aerial view myself
but I'm told it's very nice
I have to imagine the colours

I wrap myself in a blanket here
that gets me through the winter nights
in summer you can switch on a breeze

there's a box from which the creatures look out
I find myself waving to and fro

I would have to say
it feels more and more like a home in here
round as a world as far as I can see

I don't even notice the spinning

perhaps you have the impression
that I am lacking in choices

it's true I could sit and simply sulk inside
but I've decided to fight a way out

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