Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kristen de Kline #111 but love to the very end

1. but love to the very end

2. don't wait for sunlight to fall

3. a lamplight flickers

4. too late for pulling words out of thin air

5. forget about the umbrella

6. what was I thinking

7. have your ever seen the rain

8. deep wound

9. blue tongue

10. coming down on a sunny day


  1. I love it, dear Kristen! CCR! :)

    1. Rob, I just knew your line 'but love to the very end' was way too good to waste & would find its way into another 366 poem (along with other recycled lines!)

  2. Great stuff! Enigmatic blue tongue

    1. Ah Stuart, now you've mentioned the enigmatic blue tongue, I think that might have to make another appearance sooner or later! It was Rob who started that one off!


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