Friday, August 4, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 292 - Andrew and Gimptopia

Andrew and Gimptopia

If you saw a blind man
and a woman on a scooter loaded
like a pack ox    
 tripping down through Mayfield
that was us

I don’t know   he said later    if
what is in this cupboard
is good food
or just a heap of crap

I had not had that thought     occupied
with how my legs while driving    could straddle
our shifting load          I read out
from the panels

all the things inside
and we agreed     it was a good day 
and they were
good folk   

and we imagined  planned the run
 next week    hoped there would be more


  1. Yah Kerri - love this! It works so well ... that image of the blind man and the woman on the scooter loaded like a pack ox tripping through Mayfield really hooked me in. Fabulous poem :))

  2. the truth is usually and scarily poetic

    1. taking a machete to myself at the moment. There is enough in my place to see me out....


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