Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kit Kelen #577 - home


nothing doing
of the new life yet
but seeing the lines drawn in
planning for the rains already
planning for the dry

all the community of me
go round
stretch like a creature of cloud
come somewhere
out of the barking like this
as if a breeze says so


just a few hundred words
some survey has me down
where he can alpha male at it

bite back at the jungle
prisoner of the old idea

I'm home – on holidays forever
or every day's a sick day
and I feign my way about


can you remember coming this far?
as if the wood were whiskered
as if a stitch of sunshine clung

and all day unzipped
so lit
as in alleys

and yet there is a beckoning
of tasks, so called
I come
as if declared by motto

and there's beyond a zephyr
though corners show the map

so graze
bow to it
that's a prayer

that's green as cud come back
and we're in August now, just


something has the skin to crawl
it's water soluble this winter
one yearns for the sun as it goes
to the river
and over the Koolonock Range
and the lakes
and the sea
and America last
where once I set out to swim
from Balmoral Beach

wee slip of a thing I was
power already harnessed

the forest grows thicker as I walk
as pace picks up
as if height were distance covered


Day 2
going nowhere
that's how to be at home

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