Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kit Kelen #579 - the whole ship pitching

the whole ship pitching

the riot chorus all directions

things fall from the sky
you couldn't credit

the mulberry alight with leaves

all I could carry is here

how long the years of here-I-am still
or again
or at least I hope

that's something to be sung


it starts with a sun
says that's how far

you could be any planet
you're not
you're here
you're this

I'm lost in a fold
of whatever it is

some bus is passing for a road
I have to think once I painted this floor

now roll around
soft mat


it's always like that
and never before

you could think you were dreaming out here
it's illegible
but the eye runs back over


having arrived
I must be here
weather as well

that's harder and harder to believe


we open onto sunshine at this
we conjure up the rain

and tank it
pipe it round the place

but mainly let it fall

shit is to earth
we dig a hole


something looks like a bird
and sings
it's gone

I take a picture in

I think it all can be shared
like knowledge

how many pages are there to go?


dawn never could be called a chorus
never could have been

the music I have in mind's not mine

feel that if the head were truly open
it might never fill


come in a cloud of dust and I go

myself, I'm the one voice
short of a silence

brash handed
I'm rotating too

little sun myself

now I'm tasked with it
and bounden
neither to be let nor hindrance

and as in duty bound
must ever humbly pray


  1. have to start writing my own comments
    ... guess it's part of the job

  2. ...we both like your place though


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