Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kit Kelen #581 - breathe here

breathe here

inside a winter
green as flame
instant braced to rise

and always a question
it's the thing floating

some bird says it
can we be nameless too?

but there's a flimsy cast of knowledge
we are the giants of guess
all intending

sun from out

roll into a little ball

time is that silence
you hold to your ear
closer and closer
but nothing

out of reach
like the yellowing world
end of a tunnel
or you depart
a world crinkled to flame

it's always five minutes
past breakfast here

season is a beast some say
now fire's in a box to see

there may be more winters in you
every season between

fall through the cracks and come out
view of the sea and all

tendril twirl of reaching notes
to bless the question asked

here in truth
best breathe

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