Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kristen de Kline #122 Interesting times (thanks K.S.)

Interesting   times
you hear him screaming     yesterday:
he's going to slit her throat   her lawyer's neck
write their names in blood    splatter it
like through a straw

you hear her laughing,   manically
banging on about cops neighbours stolen cars
beeps on a mobile PING people wanting bloody money PING
the bank PING a Realtor PING removalists PING cleaner PING gardener
PING Foxtel   PING Optus  PING Red Energy    
weren't they

interesting   times     we're running in
with scissors
chasing you like a dream
gone   wrong

Interesting   times
tomorrow     you hear her screaming:  
dear God  give me a break
I'm due in bloody Court   again

Nine am   sharp   but
the coffee is strong  
walk the floor
watch the door     but

the art gallery next door   hangs
mementos from relationships:
failed electrical appliances
broken clocks
porcelain geese
trashed toys

dear God  

do we
have to go
through this    again


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