Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kristen de Kline #123 The Queen of Lawless has her day in Court

dear God
do we
have to go
through this    again

the Legal Aid lawyer shouts you a coffee   strong,
drinkable     has taken to calling your offence
the stupid fuckin- grand theft auto thing
says you may as well have
taken it on a joy ride to Sydney
hell you coulda' gone to Broome and

the Diversionary Officer quizzes you about sporting
achievements   community
service   volunteer
work   citizenship

she scribbles it all down
represented Australia in the Olympics
rapid fire pistol air rifle
three gold medals and a silver
disappearing target   moving
target  she writes it all on the form:
double shot   single shot
standing     kneeling

dear God     do we have to
go through this   again
have you never   heard
of irony  

Wilson's Security tip your bag upside down   again
two dollar coins tissues inhalers paperclips pens
a smashed mobile screen
fold up pamphlet: STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE
MyKi card, no funds

before lunch the Magistrate's dragged back in to Court Room number three:
- "it's on the lower end of the spectrum ..."
you're at large
out on bail
fights are fixed
dice loaded
cops stuffed up the timeline
ex partner retracted a statement
- "you only
in the bloody car"    
give or take a dent or two

everybody knows
you're lawless   strung out    at large
wired   on bail     stuffed up    
scratched 'n' dented    
everybody knows

dear God  put me on another bond
write another letter of apology
hand over more funds for the cop's Christmas piss-up

dear God

let me go   home


  1. What a poem! Dear Kristen.

    "lower end of the spectrum"

    "she writes it all on the form"

    Is it any wonder there is lawless?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes indeed Rob - where there is pedantic bureaucracy & officialdom, lawless flourishes, works its way through the cracks. As Leonard Cohen would say that's how the light gets through!


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