Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#197 Kevin Brophy 'Bread'

#197 Bread

When you bake a loaf of bread
open a window for the street
to enjoy its baking smells,
take half of it to your neighbour,
and sit outside on your doorstep
to eat your own slices of it
so that the birds will have the crumbs,
go slow with linseed and pumpkin
seeds on your lips and tongue
each time you return to it,
acquaint it further with butter,
salt, jams and honeyed avocado,
talk with your mouth full of it
of the wonders that fill this world,
enjoy the way your loaf of bread ages,
losing its lightness and going brittle
until that last crusted heel of it
remains, waiting for your jaws
to take it on
for this loaf only has its life
for as long as you savour it

remembering all bread must be loved
before one loaf can be baked.

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