Friday, July 29, 2016

Rob Harle #28 Péret vs Computer

Rob Harle #28 Péret vs Computer

Below are two poems, the first by the Surrealist poet Benjamin Péret, the second, written by a computer using a program I created called Poetry by Chance which writes stand alone poetry with no human manipulation. The comparison is both interesting and quite revealing!

XII (by Benjamin Péret)

An athlete laughing
a camel dancing
a man murdering his daughter
a rat kindling
a cow in clothing
a whale boarding a whaler
a lady withdrawing
a wave
a deity out for a drive
an untrue earth-tremor
a slough lit by dark lanterns
an open-plan furnishing
a shocking smile

If you can’t get satisfaction
see a doctor
who will not cure your maladies.

New XII (by Poetry by Chance)

A period slipping
a protein following
a host performing his drug
a rate costing
a Raphael above Ophelia
a restaurant suffering a lap
a Sibyl spending
a hero
a column up by a startle
a hundred hulled-Seth
a second serve by vulgar captains
a splendid Turing
a typical darkness

If you effectively grieve Clement
close a wake
who panics yet brings your galleries.


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