Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jeltje Fanoy #27 Mayhem on th trams/trains

One evening,
passengers fought
back, with branches
torn off trees

beating up a group of inspectors

our conductors sacked,
th drivers caged
for their own protection,
from us, no longer their passengers

but potentially dangerous customers

someone poured glue into th ticket machines

thugs were hired to check our tickets,
they appeared in gangs, wearing
coats that made them look like the KGB

ticketless teenagers were assaulted

we were witness
to daily harassments,
interfered, at times,
screamed at th inspectors,
it was mayhem on th trams
as well as th trains, without guards

or station staff

now we have armed, but semi-trained
authorized officers pacing th trains and trams

there's an unnerving silence, when they get on


  1. Phew. I have heard similar stories of Melbourne trams and trains. Especially in the west. You really captured the tension in your poem.

  2. Now th complete story has evolved... th end-result, armed personnel. th violence in NT prompted me to write it, things have come to this probably because of constant cuts to services?!


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