Sunday, July 31, 2016

Michele Elliot #31: collective anxiety (xxxi)

I was worried it might be angina.

Oh I had that before ... its fine, please don’t worry.

You are my oldest and wisest patient, what can I tell a 93 year old about how to live. Just come and see me when you need help.


  1. for Mikaela, Efi, Moyra, Sarah ... mine

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  3. When a doctor
    of the soul
    needs a pill
    the waves
    for a moment

  4. I just sat down to have a squiz at the blog. I was mimicking John Wayne saying, "You're both going out that door." (in 'Eldorado' which is on TV as I type.) So, of course, I'm laughing. But is this your way of saying goodbye? Expressing the heartache? How I'll miss your amazing work and your presence, Michele! Or are you hanging around until your 93?

    1. thanks so much Efi, what a great image .. John Wayne!!

      I was really moved by Mikaela's and other posts about mothers. Mine, Sylvia, is hilarious and precious and strong and frail all at the same time. I hope to live as well as her.

  5. my oldest
    and wisest
    how do we
    the angel's stare?

  6. dear friends, thank you ... this has been fantastic andl I had planned to be a July participant. Not sure that I can manage a daily post ... if I could drop in on occasion I would be very happy!

    Lizz, Kit ... do you have 'casual' bloggers?

    I will write in the metablog shortly, about the work and about the process too. Thanks for the invitation and for your responses. Mx


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