Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nathanael O'Reilly #31 Resorting


A band plays reggae
and calypso beside the pool

while sunbathing adults
sip sapphire margaritas

kids play with beach balls
teens parade around the water's edge

lifeguards nod in time
step back and forth poolside

grandparents take refuge
in the shade of turquoise

yellow and orange umbrellas
boys sword-fight with noodles

parents survey toddlers in the shallows
mothers rub sunscreen

into impatient young skin
palm fronds undulate lazily

like tipsy dancers
shadows slide slowly across the pool

tween girls strut like teen girls
white clouds stagnate in blue skies

lethargic as humans amidst humidity
tween boys flex muscles

present only in dreams
hairy-backed men feign Chewbacca cool

women check out other women
scanning for imperfections

middle-aged men chase youth
down the waterslide


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  2. So I read this poem
    like an eagle would
    looking at it
    from a great height
    a small cool pool
    surrounded by dryness
    voices tretched
    between the lines
    the silence
    and the wind

    1. Great response, Rob. My month of contributing a poem a day is now over, but let's keep in touch!

    2. Mine's up too, mate, but I think I'll keep on sending the odd poem. I've enjoyed your poems a lot. You want to, my email is :)

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  3. Nat, I've enjoyed your poems tremendously, and I'll miss reading them here. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks, Efi. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.


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