Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kit Kelen #213 - time out of mind (notes towards a theory of presence)

time out of mind
(towards a theory of presence)

time for everything upon us now
all collected here

collect your thoughts
this ink's an instance
says what's seen

you watch the one leaf down
or it's a certain meteor
eye catches because
you happen there

mist most
web wove
day begun dripping

time takes down its pants
and shows you a thing or two

all aches it is
and clench of cold
when seasons are got up
that goes
seasons set us back

there's the motor hum
one distance is as any other

birds are best oblivious

the job to do is urgent
the world to change
now ours

beyond the measure of things
of course there is the future tense
tombstone time mainly
and out beyond the forward estimates
not much can be known

the past is much this way
dead already there

time out of mind!

a certain posture's taken up
with trying not to think

that's succeeded by the mad dash
and generally from brink to brink

when aren't the trees how they've decided?
doesn't the sun take a rise out of us?

the time for everything is now
and swim through it until you sink
won't matter much just how

stop in the on-the-way place
cup of tea perhaps
and afternoon's all middle
ripe centuries couch there
yellow as pages too lazy to turn

time is on my side
and you'll come running back to me

you think of being here as absence
every breath a little exile

remember the gone, the fallen, the lost

listen hard
(even with the noise cancelling headphones)
and you'll know there isn't a moment's silence

time for everything is with us
words will make a mess of it

all miracles are of the moment
there isn't any hindsight with them

rotate your hips around an ache
be fond of best advice

the moment is the miracle
and happen to be in it

how'd you do?
and then we're gone

must be to a better world 



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