Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rob Harle #30 Healing Yantra

Rob Harle #30 Healing Yantra

high on the roof of the world
arcane secrets wait patiently,
below the Dalai Lama prepares the way
clearing hatred with his addictive smile.

the focus of white light
emerges from the universal matrix
manifesting through the interlaced Yantra,
its home a secret vault
deep in a Himalayan valley.

completed over centuries
in the purity of gold
this sacred symbol pulsates,
channelling healing energy
like radio waves around the earth,
peace and unity will soon advance
attenuating the terror of past tensions
clearing the conflict of countless ages.

the fragrance of sandalwood
fleeting on the breeze
heralds the genesis of the healing.



  1. Good poem, Rob. Important.

    On my 50th birthday
    in Lhasa I turned
    the prayer wheels
    and I waved
    the prayer flag
    and sipped
    the butter tea
    as I watched
    the people's faces
    as the army trucks
    rolled by

    1. Amazing connection in these words. Love your poetry, will contact you in the future requesting some poems for anthologies and journals I'm connected with especially in India. My email is could you send me your current email address for reference. Cheers, Rob

  2. I like the optimistic thrust of your poem and hope you are correct about this. The world all over needs to be healed.


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