Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rob Schackne #31 - Stella Fugio

Stella Fugio

There are stairs to take
and steps to consider, after all
the slender things we are
stars can wait a little longer
distance must be reached
love is met on the landing
(a demon black cat flashes
past, between our future legs)
we recognize each other
one going up the other down
we hardly have time to speak
platitudes of stairs and star
a bad day ahead of us or behind
a meeting later, always later.


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  2. The last day of July and this is my last post, but before I take my leave I'd like to thank you all for being such good readers - and for your insightful comments. It has been terrific being part of this community. I have taken a great deal of pleasure and delight in reading (and thinking about) the fine work here, which I will continue to follow. I am grateful to have been able to contribute a little. Keep doing the work. God bless us all. Rob

  3. I really enjoyed reading your work, thank you

  4. I really like your poems. Why not stay on?

  5. Rob, thank you for your wonderful work and your constantly engaging poetic responses. I second Anna!


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