Friday, July 29, 2016

Kit Kelen #211 - in first light the fallen

in first light the fallen

pond across down
in first light the fallen

here the saw spoke
now cold's a clench

the wattle is a little while
and then it's winter's wood

sun lifts the mist
frost yet untouched

sun of the steaming cows
sun of the kangaroo roll-out

and tails I win
here's luck

age wearies the lot
but all the green's rising

everything flowers
comes to fruit

straight of limb, steady aglow
in first light the fallen

so many gone
to this roof overhead

lest we forget
where we stand

there is an orchard
of all the years here

all these seasons
the one poem

gone round
and round again

an entertainment
of the acres

and every corner's
lit from singing

how we've come
to light 



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