Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #205 Accordion Time

Accordion time
the squeeze and the expanded wheeze
wearing on the bended crease
go bellowing bellowing into each

All enfolded that lets you rub
up closer to the previous past than to
the just gone hours
with reedy rattle some breaths a last

We’ll concertina will we not
towards the end
in mazurka
in tarantella
with the dreadful squeezebox wail
into the pleated dancingdays of time


  1. Great! always loved the box and all those folds and buttons and as you well intimate all 'according to time...'

  2. The accordion always brings back feelings of my childhood and my Ukrainian heritage. I like the way you play with it throughout this wonderful poem.

  3. This image for time is very apt. Great poem Mikaela.


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