Friday, July 29, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 33 In My Skin

In my Skin

It’s a dulux colour chart of skins
my kin
 I love
from merging with the bookcase
 to flaming out the light meter
all the one mob here
Oh how colossal
the right
that courses through the veins of every total prick
that questions who we are
is the kind of turd who smacks you in the mouth
then says
get up you’re bleeding on the carpet


as if, as if, but but
 puzzle pieces whittled by a thumbless monkey

always there and giving pause
that calloused grudge of less proud skins
takes long glance up and hard glance down
and speaks – the iteration of all fear
my fault my loss – a million cracks that lead to country towns
and saloon bars - shame recast to pride offends
generations of debate - I am left here
in one sock, coated with the dust and picking up the chip packets
rounded on with a pointed finger
well you started it
they just can’t get their acts together

go ask the lantana why her flowers
come in varied hues
 bar her if you have to
keep an eye out for those bees
that hang around
don’t spread your toast with honey

that mouth best be open
to breathe


  1. Very powerful Kerri, and the image work so beautifully with the poem. Thank you. S

    1. Thanks Sarah, it was hard to write and I hestitated.

  2. Fantastic...the kind of turd that smacks you in the mouth. Love the imagery.x

  3. Every line a gem, Kerri. And the last three lines are just great.

  4. So much power there, Kerri, it's wonderful.

  5. yes really powerful Keri.
    the million cracks, the millions of tears
    that image! from the past to the present, old house new house, a fresh coat of paint or is that a whitewash?standing watching across the water.


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