Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rob Schackne #32 - An Ape's Raincoat

An Ape's Raincoat

No more going back
it's a playful galaxy
(all majestic dress)
stars are mine and thine and we
their celestial seawrack

Still more vintage wine
upon the leaning trellis
(takes a year to press)
a star gently climbs the stairs
as we wait to hear her sigh

Still more petrichor
on the breasts of a woman
(a star to caress)
who so loves each sleepy rain
her lover listens to her snore

Still more empty shells
that listen on the seashore
(still the seagulls' mess)
to time in its giggling core
pump stars from distant wells.


  1. This is a fantastic sound poem!

    1. Thanks for listening, Anna. (I wish I was smart enough to send a sound file here.)

  2. Love the rhythm and romance of this:-) thank you for sharing.x

    1. Dear Janette, You are kind. Thank you.


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