Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anna Couani #177 woodstack

the numbered timbers
themselves so orderly
in their racks
in the timberyard
seem to prove that there’s
beauty in numbers

things collected in groups
things that have horizontal
and vertical axes
things that have numbers written on them
and also embody those numbers
those measurements

and have numbers that contradict
the colours
you might associate with them
tells us the abstract is real


  1. I loved your starting point and you took it to landing

  2. Dear Anna, A very canny photo, and an excellent poem. I love the way pieces (sometimes) form something much greater than their whole. It seems to be beyond absence or presence, addition or subtraction. Buddhists say that if we've got the eyes things be more than they be -- and I think I'll go along with that.

  3. Thanks guys, I was worried it was too simple.

  4. Not too simple! Just wonderful! Seeing beauty in the ordinary, in work, in things, communicating it so clearly, talks to us about the sort of creature we are. This is a stunner. I went to timber yards a lot with my Dad in the 60s. There was one down in Chatswood where Target is. I found it a magical place as a child. I often think about it.


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