Sunday, July 31, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #213 sing the world

if we could learn again
to sing the world
would it bring peace?

if we were to learn
to sing the world
would the world sing back to us?

if we learned as children
to sing the world
would our minds be different?

if as old people we knew how
to sing the world
would young ones listen?


  1. Make The Bowls Sing

    Periphery you know future you do not
    Walking home see China’s tallest building
    Its shrouds (good word) in smog (bad word)

    Circle every planet dar una vuelta
    Form the scandal part of every molecule
    Waves of song beating invisible oceans

    Patiently watch the islands drowning
    Bless its generations of scavengers
    (Lucky no birdsong on the moon)

    How streets will run high with words
    The bronze bowls forever hum with joy
    They ever figure out the disguise of noise

    Have faith in hope the music holds
    Everywhere the edge of sound & if health
    For happiness then happiness for 1000 years.

  2. A beautiful poem Susan - we could all start 'singing' and see if it happens :)


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