Friday, July 29, 2016

Rob Schackne #29 - Aftermaths


After Eurydice

No white tiger
to come back
the white tiger
painted white
to come back
white as paper
white as Sunday
and white as
snow that falls
on the blue tigers
to come back
near the blue
to come back
and behind them
the red flowers
to come back
keening for the sun
the sun is water
the sun is black
to come back
listen to me

After Guan Guan

No night gardener
under moonlight
the sleeping blossoms
shadows lengthened
there was a lake
a lake of mud
this was the ground
a ground of lotus
and now this room
once rooms of marsh
somewhere near here
there was a pond 

was it really a pond
that is now a pond
that is now a house
once a house of lotus

After Du Fu

No emptiness
takes leave
time passes
the speaker
is erased
no absence fills
with memory
everyone is
the same
everyone only

After Han Shan

No taxis 
in Shanghai
no trains 

no buses 
no horses
the way is clear 

there is no path
dark clouds 

point at nothing
the wind says 

Don’t stop!
I have eaten 

enough today
it rains again

because I’m thirsty
see you someday 

in the mountains

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  1. absolutely transporting, Rob! I will visit Eurydice.


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