Saturday, January 21, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 344

 I already wrote a few poems inspired by some of Gertrude Stein's words or poems... it might become a series ...

# 344  Difference  (After  A Carafe, that is a Blind Glass by Gertrude Stein )

("A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange a single hurt color and an arrangement in a system to pointing. All this and not ordinary, not unordered in not resembling. The difference is spreading".)

Say window blind
Say blind window
It tells nothing either about the glass
or the spectacle behind

not even if rain drops come hit
flew down the pane

it tells nothing
about the pain
the eyes endure
trying to see 

where grey invades both
mood and landscape

say lids
see tears
breaking through the many chrysalids
of sight

in this movement
The difference is spreading. »

Différence    (d’après Gertruse Stein)

Dites store de fenêtre
Dites fenêtre aveugle
Cela ne raconte rien ni à propos du verre
ni du spectacle derrière

Pas même si des  gouttes de pluie venues frapper
ont coulé le long de la vitre

cela ne dit rien
de la peine
que les yeux souffrent
à essayer de voir 
la beauté

où le gris envahit à la fois
humeur et paysage

dites paupières
voyez les larmes
percer les nombreuses chrysalides
de la vue

dans ce mouvement
« la différence est répandue. »


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  2. Thanks for the encouragement Rob! I will continue the series then!
    By the way, I chose to keep with "come hit" rather than "come to hit" and I would appreciate some native speaker to tell me if it sounds real bad or not!

  3. The part that you question is the part I liked the most. I noticed it before I read your questioning of this part. I love your poems.

  4. Thanks by the thousands Claine for shedding some light on this question!

  5. Dear Béatrice, "come hit" is how I'd have written it. It's perfect here.

  6. Thanks Rob, OK then, I'm more at ease for "daring"!

  7. say one thing and see where it goes!


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