Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kit Kelen #392 - at a bus stop - third day of the Rooster Year

at a bus-stop
third day of the Rooster Year

it's pissed-off day
out here on the street

everyone's over it
the new year again so what
they're complaining about everything
the name of the place they say
so's to disparage
it's become a curse
why did they come here?
everybody wants an explanation

but they're not giving up
no way not yet

apologies are overdue
nor are they forthcoming
everyone's shouting
no taxi stops
the buses never come
no rain
no wind
it's rather warm
but all of this can change

some cruel truth
is sinking in

but they're not giving up
not yet no way

some of course seem stoic
but that must be a front

more of them are pointing at
and some punch the air

look at the way they look at each other
they don't want to hear another excuse
this was a family once
it still is

how smartly they're dressed
speak all at once
and over each other

red in the face
it's all 'if only' business
faster and faster
louder and louder
you can't call it talk anymore

if only if only
but they're not giving up
not today not now

if only thinking
taken too far
leads back to wishing
one hadn't been born

there's a lot to be said ofr staying at home

if they weren't already drunk
I'd say they need a drink

the key word is recrimination
the situation is somebody's fault

the lulls that come suit spitting
one descends into a nervous twitch
another looks as if to strike

laughter would be cruel
and then it won't let up
laughter dissolves them
guilt splits however many ways

and then the day, grim day, remains

but they're not giving up
not yet no way

here's Misery and Company
and how's their conversation?
all furtive glances from a screen
the real world has them each in hand

make a list begins with dignity
with self-esteem, with pride

the miracle waited for them
but had to give up

they have lost everything
there's nothing left to lose

but they're not giving up
not yet no way
they're going back to the casino now

they teach a kind of calm

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  1. Perfect poem, Kit...but the hangover will be much worse.


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