Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rob Schackne #214 - Water Calligraphy

Water Calligraphy

Water calligraphy
it's not flowers and light
it disappears as soon
as sense arrives

might be a level head
could even be a crazy
wishing to debate
the invisible

I walk past smiling
that there was joy
did any madman ever
write to evaporate

passing readers
see the water see the air

watch the trick
it leaves it stays

the bucket the brush
he moves away
people disperse
he said a little


  1. names writ on water

    I wonder why the full stop
    I mean I wonder what the punctuation principle here is?

    1. Ha. I have hardly any punctuation principles. But good point. More finality? Closure? Perhaps I should also lose the caps?

  2. I guess that's how calligraphic water scenes become poems, punctuation free fluidity. Much to cogitate upon.

    1. Thanks for where did that poem go? :)


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