Saturday, January 28, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 349 About Shadows

# 349

a shadow settles quietly on a word
on a look
it’s a will of saying
the attempt to write
heavier the word loses its speed and cannot grasp
the life’s momentum which has nothing to say
and has no interest in writing
one misses another one by almost nothing almost nothing

but if the settled shadow is of love
the difference inside the desire
between living or writing
is erased

une ombre se dépose sur un mot
un regard
une volonté de dire
la tentative d’écrire
plus lourd il n’a plus la rapidité de saisir
l’élan de la vie qui n’a rien à dire
et se fiche d’écrire
on se rate de si peu de si peu

mais si l’ombre posée est une ombre d’amour
la différence dans le désir
entre vivre ou écrire
se trouve gommée


  1. and words cast shadows too
    and sometimes we see right through them
    as ear to ear
    or in one out the other

    as pillow to pillow
    dreams go

    to swim in the mirror of words
    might be love

    or all the world
    we know

    1. Thanks for continuing the poem Kit! We have to think about a duo some day!

  2. Such a fine poem, Béatrice. Thank you.

    1. THANKS TO YOU Rob! "pas de quoi" as we say in French, in other words you're very welcome!


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