Friday, January 20, 2017

Kit Kelen #382 - parable - we wanted the whole world warmer


we came from the ice
and out of the trees
and wanted the whole world warmer

we lit fires
and we kept fire close
we warmed ourselves

and at the timber
brought worlds down
we were the axe

and we were the flame
it was as if winter were our forever
we only wanted the whole world warmer

we dug and we hacked
and we burnt
we built

o fearful the dark
but we made bright
and we brought fire indoors

we dug until we had roof overhead
four walls and outside the fearful
still cold and we kept

with the axe at
the others we've eaten
we cooked on the fire

we wanted the whole world warmer
we burnt till all of the forest was gone
we dug and dug till

we came to the clock
at first we couldn't hear the tick or the tock
that's where we are now

hard to hear anything
everyone's in charge, hot under collar
no one's even looking anymore

but I tell you there is a ticking
and it's dangerous having shovels
and mattocks so close to the wires

o but noone
will listen
to me

it's hard to see
how this will pan out
but I predict, in time to be

at the Court of All Spirits
in our trial our defence will simply be
we wanted the whole world warmer


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOd !!! it cheers up our "warrior spirits" yeahhhhhhhhh!!

  2. glad ys liked it

    I think I should bring smoking into it somehow as well

  3. the little chimneys we carry around
    so we can each of us smoke


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