Monday, January 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #391 - goats can climb anywhere

goats can climb anywhere

I suppose
you feel sorry for the one
with still so little distance to go

you think I must wait
or run with the clock

useless to run counter
or off into another world

I think that's what you think

I address this to a younger self
of whom now I ask

do you cast your lot in with the road
to go with whoever may pass?

not enough light to see in here now

you fiddle with the thing
pick at it
no avoiding that
you're round the edge of
where it lifts

I have to pity your ignorance
even as of yesterday
and going forward

follow the lines on my face
I can't see them myself
but I know
that they lead
to the vanishing place

my fantasy's to find you there

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  1. yes yes yes! I totaly agree and love the way you found to express this thought and feeling!


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