Monday, January 23, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 184 - The Sisyphus of the Scrapheap

The Sisyphus of the scrapheap

The Sisyphus of the scrapheap I push
my little barrow    push    push   wheel

the daily squeal uphill  it is in fact all one level
once you get up the four punishing steps

at the front door you see the art think hey
this has potential    like all the other Sisypheans

pushing pushing on the handles  hey those blisters
what do you put on them   I dig the splinters out with hairpins

paw paw that’s the best    I had a tube round here
the real paw paw    always one in every crowd

today   oh and how many times have I written this   said
this   thought that word   how many times for you

think it once   it ricochets inside the hollow bone the skull
today    just full of empty promises  right right

wrong  the barrow   now full of the stuff to put
back   the stuff to throw away   the stuff to

give away    has me flat out   the proverbial
lizard drinking   on my flat hill   the polished boards of

the house of making your own bed then laying on it
reading    this is the Sisyphus of the scrapheap

I push my little barrow   push push push


  1. or pushing shit on the level

    pushing shit along
    there's no level playing field
    (nor up the paddles equally distributed)

  2. nor are the paddles equally distributed (I meant to say)


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