Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project 366 publication


We are attempting to contact every  person who participated in project 366 in 2016. We have emailed the gmail addresses you provided and put the letter onto the Messenger group conversation. If you have not received the letter then please check your gmail or the FB Messenger thread for my email address..If all else fails you can comment here with your email address and I will contact you.

Dear 366 ers,

As most of you know we are hoping to publish a collection of work drawn from the best of the poetry and art posted to blog Project 365+1 in 2016.  To further this scheme we have assembled an editorial panel consisting of  Kit Kelen, Chrysogonus Siddha Mailang, Kerri Shying, Magdalena Ball, Nichola Fei Chen and Mikaela Castledine.

It is anticipated that the publication will include work by everyone who participated in the project but that it will necessarily be weighted to include more work from those who participated for longer periods. Because there were more than 7000 posts made on the blog over the year it will be impossible for the editorial committee to select the work to be published directly from the blog so we will be asking each participant to choose and submit their best work. Also, since the very nature of the project encouraged the posting of draft work, we expect that the poems in the book will be the finished versions of these best works.

We are still in the planning stages and have yet to decide on format and funding but thought that asking each participating artist to supply us with one initial work would allow the editorial panel to investigate the emergence of themes or other curatorial directions.

So, we are initially asking that you confirm your intention to join us in this endeavour by emailing one finished piece  to Mikaela Castledine by the 10th of February 2017 so we can begin the process of crafting this book. In case it proves useful please include the date the piece or its draft was posted onto the blog.

We will be sending this message to the gmail addresses provided on the blog. If you wish us to use a different email address please make a note of it on your submission. Also if you are aware of someone who was a participant but has not received this communiqué please forward it to them

Yours sincerely

Mikaela Castledine


  1. this has come up v strangely on my screen.... but maybe it's just me?

  2. No, it's not centred on mine either. Bit like Project 366 and its offshoots, perhaps!

  3. Hmm looks normal on mine so not sure how to fix it.


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