Sunday, January 22, 2017

Red Cone(LF)#346-the art looks on

group show
an opening
the art looks on
bubbles still white and red
nice wine
beautiful weather
the art looks on
looks wonderful he said
she wears a lovely frock
the art looks on
the time has come to leave
the place is crowded now
chattering is louder
the art looks on
tongues loosened speak
your work is always complicated
the art looks on

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  1. Prado Poems

    Sala LV
    Immortality as Purchased

    see here
    Cronenburch’s girl with skull
    Keys’ sober family portrait (7 members)
    lady with gold chains 1560
    the married woman and her lapdog
    the 1552 lady with jewel (pinching it to see if it squeaks)
    see the one with a yellow flower – what stern looks, how dour

    all in the one room, with watchful eye
    as, no doubt, they had always hoped

    it’s not their descendants they oversee though
    rather tribes of strangers tear through…
    their future-world waits outside
    these much scrubbed cast a careless glance, if any
    en route to Rubens, El Greco, Velasquez

    those ancient worthies domiciled in Room 55
    are like the once expansive family
    now cramped in the caravan for the holidays

    but this lot aren’t even related
    they’re packed like peasants
    brought to the loom
    because a new age has dawned
    its light and its shadows must be endured

    so it must be for the bourgeoisie
    this is the magic of Dorian Gray
    carnival wasn’t just for a day
    fears take their time
    world turns

    let’s not mention court portraits
    they’re in another wing

    the workers and the peasants won
    they’re here as I live and breathe
    their wagons go much faster than yours did
    they’re quite bourgeois in their habits too

    I think it’s for keeps this time


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