Saturday, January 21, 2017

Timothy Edmond #33

I find premonitions of death
can be quite entertaining
especially if they are movie
length or a TV mini series.

There’s one were I’m
standing on the very
top of an A frame
ladder on tippy toes reaching
long to try and change
a light bulb.
The lights went out,
a inky darkness fell,
a palm orchestra played,
the sound of a man falling
off an aluminum ladder
was heard.

On one it started when
I was born and it’s still going.

There was one
I could feel it in my bones
and mostly you have to let go
and just let it take care of themselves,
I was so close to it 
it was like 
the next door I went through
that was it
no more meals.

I was watching the
sun rise through glass
eating a burger
this was my last day.
The bus came
when it said it would
I stepped on
I couldn’t do anything
I feared it would lead to my death
as the bus pulled away
I put more deodorant on
to hide myself.

I avoided one
way streets where I
know I would be killed
by a car reversing
and the man at my
shoulder telling me he
knew my father
walking with me told me
he had only come down to
Sydney recently but years
ago he’d been here
many years working on
scenes that my Dad had
come up with to
revolution telecommunication.
“We had big plans even
now it’s secret. Look over
your shoulder. Do you
see that man in the
hat? Yes. He is interested
in what we say.
Be careful of your
words it may change
I had seen this
chap before as if
he had been a premonition
I’d seen him at my
Dad’s funeral and that
time I went to my
Dad’s work.

He was planning my death
with my father, they were
stooped over a table
in breaks they fed me
like to fatten me up
for the next photo shoot.



  1. spooky but I succeeded in laughing too! very cinematographic poem indeed! I love it!


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