Friday, January 20, 2017

Timothy Edmond #32

The Toe Cutters.

They had their role.
They had been trained.
They could stand up
straight when called
upon to do so.
They had been taken
out of the world
to be in their own
special world.

If someone threw a
ball at them they could
be assured it had been
thrown by someone
on their own team
even though it was
from another team.

I see money as flowers
and numbers as air.

The world is a big
I can go to Japan
to ski.
And step on peoples
heads to get higher.
I have many people
at my back telling me
this is alright.
They get paid well.

I only see people I
We understand that
we have a right to
take advantage of
our position to protect
our children.
We exchange the
movement of our eye brows.
Can we feed them
dog food?

Can we find
a cheaper ingredient to go
into this product?
More nylon, cheaper
fibre, thinner yarn, cheaper
nuts, more affordable flour?
This will mean more profit
for the shareholders and bonuses
for me.
When someone smaller
than me suggests this
will trouble the
quality of the product
and the brand I simply reply
saying we will make the
word quality larger
on the packet.

My house will become
bigger in proportion to
the smallness of
my brain as I snap off
the toes of society.

They are all idiots any
way because they are not

Make the biscuits smaller.

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  1. wow! I like this bitting tone! and things like that need to be said and repeated !


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