Thursday, January 12, 2017

Red Cone(LF)#339-Friday morning

after the meeting he said
you must come back to my place
I have something to give you
he had been unwell
compassion arrived and set in
but some one was waiting for her
back at her place she explained
take your time her friend
back at her place had said

such decisions
to go or not to go
right or wrong
is there ever an in-between

oh well she thinks
maybe she should accept the invitation
so without trepidation
she drove there

they had caught the old school bus
to the nearest town
when they were children
decades ago

he opened the door
she stepped in
he pointed to the stairs
struggling with words
he signalled to go up the stairs
he showed her around his house
the views over vineyards were beautiful
he pointed to the dining room table
she stared at the table
have a seat he signalled
a jigsaw puzzle
lay disjointed
large areas missing
he spoke
you can sit there and work on it
she remained standing
I have to get back to my friend
he is expecting me now she said
but thank you for the offer
of playing with your jigsaw
I spend most of my time in my studio
she explained
sorry I can't stay here now and do the jigsaw
but that would take a lot of time
downstairs he gave her two bottles of wine
and a brochure with his phone number
then a kiss on her cheek
she drove back to her studio

a jigsaw puzzle

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  1. Maybe the start for a movie !! I appreciate the absurd in this poem a lot!


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