Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 185 - Desultory Day

Desultory day

touched upside the tendrils
 I am drawn inside the shell 

 this day  war takes my unsubstantiated
 body  all apart    into  quotes   spare parts  grades of

meat  assembled dis-mantled  here   I get the phone
 say yes    with gratitude    the offer of the shopping   Angela

put her hand up   when the call for the volunteers went out
 my social support day     fell today  

talk talk    talk the woman’s ear off  
her hubby out at Gilgandra   on a property  getting

didgeridoo  from the place   if no trees good   he will go up
round Brewarinna   we get my   door gates  stop my dog

from peeing in my workrooms   yarn it out    there are few
answers    how to take yourself  apart    all the while we put

it all together  make it   get it done
at the door  we smell the bbq  and it is good    on the road

we see the worst shirts  laugh and wonder
if anyone is happy for the ancestors

 those prisoners
  in dank chained bilges 

 forced to leave
  their homes


  1. Good to see an Amnesia Day poem today!

  2. We wondered why people felt so happy for their ancestors being in rags in the bilges of boats as sad slave/criminals. It is like everyone is Captain Cook's relation!

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  4. Terrific. I am the subject there too.


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