Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Red Cone(LF)#344-turn it off

shrill excruciating shriek
the burglar alarm
excitable puppy
adds his voice
attempts at pressing the code fail
neighbours awake looking pale
in desperation without trepidation
she pulls the alarm system
off the wall
rips the hanging wires out
still it won't stop

she calls the police
can they please come
and turn off the alarm
she asks
says the operator
but give me your details

within minutes police arrive
stay inside
they say
don't contaminate the scene
can you turn it off
it will not turn off
she says

did you see anyone
they ask
but the security light went on
then the alarm started
the neighbours heard noises
thought their car was being stolen
did you see anyone

stay inside
the sniffer dog will be here soon
you need to turn the alarm off
she shows him the hanging remains
it won't turn off
she says
he found the meter box
turned it off

pleased she had worn pyjamas
(and rather nice ones, she thought,
and where did that thought come from? how shallow!)
and now in bed
she heard police sirens nearby
could it really have been an attempted burglary
why would a burglar be out on a heatwave night
she rolled over to turn the aircon on
thrilled without the shrill

no power
hot and sticky
she lay there
listening to the distant hum

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