Saturday, February 18, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 354 EARTH'S LAMENT

# 354       Earth’s lament.

Imagine being the rain. The long thunder that announced you.
Imagine now lying in a creek bed far below any road you know
at the bottom of a steep ravine. Imagine each root
each stem each leaf you’ve been watering.
Imagine the rainbow you welcome more than once.
Imagine the foggy you that you were from time to time
as if seeing the depth the height the width of
some soul. Imagine being the rain. Imagine this
eroded path you can call a life. Then
imagine my eyes. Then see my grief.
My sorrow. The long spasms of my shaken
body. Look at this landscape. Feel its pulse.
And watch my sleep because it’s night. 

Complainte de la Terre.

Imagine que tu sois la pluie. Le long tonnerre qui t’avais annoncé.
Imagine maintenant que tu es allongé dans le lit d’un ruisseau
bien plus bas que n’importe quelle route que tu connais au fond d’un ravin profond.
Imagine chaque racine    tige    feuille que tu as arrosées.

Imagine l’arc-en-ciel que plus d’une fois tu as accueilli.
Imagine l’être brumeux que tu étais de temps en temps
comme si tu voyais la profondeur   la hauteur   la largeur 
d’une âme. Imagine que tu sois la pluie. Imagine
ce sentier érodé qu’on nomme vie. Puis
imagine mes yeux. Ensuite vois mon deuil.
Mon chagrin. Les longs spasmes qui secouent
mon corps. Regarde ce paysage. Ressens sa pulsation.
Et surveille mon sommeil car c’est la nuit.


  1. A real beauty Béatrice
    and we just yesterday had bush fires in my region and now rain...your poem was well timed.

  2. So lovely in every way, and so musical.


  3. Imagine que tu sois la pluie. Le long tonnerre qui t’avais annoncé.

    Very powerful!!!

    I hear Jim Morrison -- 'what have they done to our fair sister?'

  4. Thank you all! Nice to know you enjoyed it!


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