Monday, February 27, 2017

Rob Schackne #256 - “Several moments of intensity” (1)

Several moments of intensity
anytime in the next 7 years
before squirrels lose their paws
and the Milky Way waltzes away
like before a canvas or a page
we'll come and go together
this masterpiece of love
picture a harmonious display
an astronomers' party with stars
a helium balloon to lift us up
you'll be on time for once
and I'll be racing to catch you
when we leave this planet laughing


  1. ah, astrophysics of the heart - always a hit with me

    1. Ha. The cardiology
      of the stars? You're on!


  2. And when we reach the exosphere
    we will don our chutes
    step out into the curve of the world
    and fall into a field in the west

  3. where the mice look up
    and the kangaroos scatter
    and I believe we land togther

  4. a few ales in the public bar
    but there is mostly silence

  5. when we finally go home
    there is unaccountable laughter
    we make love and fall asleep


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