Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kit Kelen #406 - beyond good and evil

beyond good and evil

we're all getting ready to bury God
this is where praying will get you

we're lifting the frail bones down
did anyone ever live this long before?

we're bearing the pall
we're standing taut for the sermon

Jesus, it just goes on
and the singing is worse

it's the same handful of earth
we're dropping on that lid

this whole Earth was ash to begin
now here we go again

God's dead
but won't be buried, not quite

it's past sadness this thing
goes on and on

and wait, is that rigor mortis
or sit-ups after a nap?

thought we had Him done and dusted
then he does a Beetlejuice

stagey, but there seems to be a puff of breath
then no, a doubt creeps in

does it seem like eternity to you?


  1. Not when I can keep reading this stuff!

  2. no no sir, even though I agree it goes on and on .... but not forever!


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