Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kit Kelen #410 - parts of a Taipei ponder

parts of a Taipei ponder


the one with no head
he is following

she with no heart floats
into the future
camera adrift like the sea

everything said comes
umbrella under

funny hats
basket scones
pretending things must mean

the dog mask
the pig

the part of the vacuum cleaner connects

in uniform
bearing the lanterns and drums

the paper with the spells
like leaves
still falling
like notes tossed once typed

the chanting and the ring around
who flower strewn's to leave us

a fire and all of this river beside
then of course the rain

don't know where this is going

I live inside a contradiction
plenty of room there
the roof's held down with chicken wire
at a loom
and ox along
over straw bridge

man next to mountain, heart
two penises grow from the very same tree

you see the digital underface

the weight of things
once picked clean

what flashes on one screen
bears no relation
it doesn't matter you can't read

all in the one vagina vanish

we are smaller than writing

there's a kind of stumbling on
we're what can't be helped

one word at a time
we go

inside the body

all industrial scale
you want to attach antlers
you want a wild wind stirring
and hail or sleet for otherworldly

chase twine
some other colour
down stairs

everything reflects
if you catch at the right angle

we'll be black and white again
and I am among them
not enough pixels
to pinch myself
awake from
out of the dream

there are more

the headless ones
of the wardrobe hang
all self-ghosts
any could en-soul

tin can be head
and basket straw
the rusted thing
was once to purpose
rubber to a road
now lost

the abstract light casts
the habitable truth
(as noted)

truth is just a little beam
only one climbs the stairs at a time

a ladder drifts the whole world round

if you slip away
there's time to do
and there'll be time again

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  1. That ponder is stupendous, I keep thinking about them, but I have to go to work sometime!


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