Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rob Schackne #252 - "About that poem he wrote"

"About that poem he wrote"

About that poem he wrote
the girl who set herself on fire
while the cats watched in horror

I can only begin to clean up after
and it's never therapy, did I hear
the angry music of a bad world

anguish to anguish, must to must
nobody was on the bus together
who imagined that they saw it

Christ in a tree why do we don't
ride for hell into a wall, flattened
back into Looney Tune dimensions

sliding through the next twenty-four
writing poetry at the end of time
it's a page, it's a piece of paper

see, it's an accident to survive
look how we walk away shaking
the fire and the cats in the mind


  1. and reading poetry at the end of time too
    Christ in a tree and all
    an accident we survive all right
    and accidents will happen

    1. at least
      we've got it better
      than the comics
      why we bother writing
      is sometimes another poem

  2. but it is an accidental glory, in kind. Love it!

    1. OK then
      this shudder
      of a poem
      back against
      the future
      looking for
      a way out?


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