Monday, February 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #405 - the future is after us

the future is after us

it's not letting up
nor does it lag
it has the scent
of our trail

or you could say
there's a family resemblance

there isn't a turn
on which you can shake it
there's no little lane
to slip down

remorseless bastard
faster and faster

duck under a fence
dodge through the crowd
you pop up your head
look around and you'll see
and the future's still on its way

try to turn tail
it's still coming after
it's always had an eye on you

no one wants to be fatalistic
still, wasn't this always
where you'd end up

perhaps a few regrets?
it's not just the past
but the present is done with
the future is catching up

and not just that
try to turn things around
you'll find that it's getting away from you

so much for strategy

you've thought in terms of
some mountain retreat
some hideaway fastness

but the future won't ever
leave you behind
it's like a church
you keep trying to leave
a habit you'll never kick

it doesn't matter you have no children
you're the one who can't keep up

ambition didn't do the trick
and now
you think if I'm no one
the future won't notice

fat chance!

you feel the hot breath
on your neck

you're being dragged along
you're the one kicking and screaming
you're desperate
you'll do anything now

you launch yourself
on a rocket into space

but after your orbit's decayed
and you're fallen to dust

you can bet the future
will still be around

your opinion will not be sought
the future's not going to care how you feel

the strangest thing is
we've been here before

I'm not sure how you feel
but I don't see the point of waiting around

when the future has never come yet

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