Thursday, February 23, 2017

James Walton #38 Penny Opera Impromptu on the Count's Journeys

As white as Poland in winter
a man on Main Ridge
checking out the memorial obelisk
mutters that Pawel passed again

within eight kilometres of this place
a bare frown line circumnavigates 
the knobby places beneath his knees
latitudes mapped by gumboots

edged from distant plantations
slapped to conversion in a crucible
fired by oaths of the dispossessed
each atlas ring a determined step

of his many overt sightings
following the marked out trail
where seven bronzed plaques meditate
a verdigris of tarnished seasons

brought naked into the sweet note
of bisecting currawongs summoning markers
opens his arms as he begins to sing
in a voice as wide as Kosciusko’s plains


  1. naked in a sweet note!

    fully clad in a chord

  2. Like in wild surmise
    on a peak in Darien...

    ...wonderful poem.


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