Saturday, February 25, 2017

Other Places # 79 Claine Keily

In the car warm
she spoke to him
of dunes

She hoped it would be
a sign
that she feared
the ordinariness
of the other cars
that passed by her
to have him know
that she saw them
as a symbol even
but he did not notice
and did not switch lanes

Somewhere between
and seaside trips
she began to fear
nursing homes
and saw the lozenges
he ate now
as signs
of their sudden arrival

She did not want
to be a wife
she preferred
to be driven
or to drive herself
to other places
anything so as to
have him not complain
about how tedious it
was to visit her
dying mother


  1. Dear Claine, I've said it before, so good, every poem is a film. The reader wants to direct, but they cannot, fearing the camera's telling a different story, it's thousands of miles away, in another place that only looks like earth, one sun, lots of planets out there, a few smart people, but more love, a better angle, to get more film.

    1. Well what more can I say Rob but thanks for your response x

  2. Wonderful, but she should trade up!

  3. Wow again - very powerful and as Rob commented, also incredibly cinematic and visual. It's also very poignant particularly the last piece where one wants to strangle the 'character' complaining about visiting the dying mother - scream!!!


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