Friday, February 17, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 194 - Panic Mercantile

Panic Mercantile

list a hundred (pleasant) things to do   I start to add     I cannot find
 the doctor visits  writing poems   moving round the cabinets

sorting out the program for the unsighted   writers    for the
 next session   I puzzle at the six dot lines    left free

under  heading  other    it crushes me    with all the weight
 that waterfall   that falling    from a great height     torrent    the

meditation   those CD’s have been repeating      to me     for at least three
 years   an image  that ran off me   literal water off the duck’s

back   this now   flat to the stone     splattered   in my-six-dot-space
 I am cramming

the work   having never seen  before
 the line between  what is work   and pleasure   pain   and  well 

the rest of it   anything

else  the stuck in the on position  car horn that is
 me  suddenly aware   that it is



  1. So powerful, dear Kerri. What is blaring is the all of you.

  2. Oh yes! Powerful indeed! so evocative, so true to our inner feelings!


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